Adam Martin

Adam Martin

Director - LREA

Since February 2002, Adam Martin has committed himself to becoming the very best Real Estate Agent in the local area.

Adam has developed excellent industry skills and a broad knowledge base. His own high personal standards also reflect the company’s ideals and character. Despite attaining his full Real Estate license, Adam has continued to extend his professional development by participating in the countries best real estate training. So much so, that Adam was invited to speak on Australia’s leading real estate training CD "Hot Topics" which is produced by John McGrath (CEO, McGrath Estate Agents) & Lee Woodward (Australia’s leading real estate trainer).


 Having grown up locally and through his active involvement with Football Illawarra, Adam has developed a vast network of friends and contacts. He strives every day to better himself and his team as he knows that in this industry you can never let perfect get in the way of better.


Becoming Director in 2008, Adam has built a team of professionals that know nothing but to go the extra mile. With a combined Real Estate experience of over 90 years, Adam and his team know exactly what is needed to surpass people’s expectations.


Adam says: “There is nothing more rewarding than to receive genuine appreciation from a client for a job well done.” Being in the people business, it can be a hard slog from time to time. Anybody who has served the public would know exactly how tough it can be.


Since becoming Director, Adam and his team have tripled the business. With carrying over 1100 properties under management, there sure needs to be some serious systems and key people in place. “My work in this business means nothing without the support of my team. Real Estate is known for the high turnover of staff. This creates frustration and proves an inconvenience to clients. I have always based my growth strategies around key people and thus far, this has been the key reason for the consistent, ongoing growth of the company.”


Adam pushes himself to the limits. Always looking at ways to better serve, he and his team are constantly reviewing their strategies and processes. “Life just passes us by – especially in this day and age. We are always proactive in what we do and implement whatever we need to make sure we are ahead. This way, we know our clients are getting the best of the best.”


MMJ has put in place an MMJ Awards event beginning in 2013. Adam has been awarded for Top Gun Salesman of the Year, Top Gun Listing Agent of the Year for 2013 and Top Gun Salesman of the Year, Top Gun Earner of the Year for 2014. “These awards are an excellent example of how good my team really is. From a Property Management stand point, the team looks after itself with me frequently checking in. But from a sales perspective my team and I really work closely together. We have collectively created a strategy that requires all of our input. These awards belong to all of us.”

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