Joel Wald

Joel Wald


Joel is a fully licensed Estate Agent in Victoria and New South Wales and has over 23 years of commercial, industrial and retail, investment sales, leasing and management experience.


Joel  has extensive industry experience and has owned and managed his own real estate agency for over 20 years, will assume the role as Director and Officer in Effective Control of MMJ’s Melbourne office from October 2015.


“Joel and his existing client base are an ideal fit for the ongoing growth and reach of the MMJ brand, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the addition of the business to the MMJ network.  We are looking forward to working with Joel’s existing clients in conjunction with our clients to offer expanded services and reach in Melbourne”, said Chris.


“MMJ is absolutely the right fit for my clients.  They are in an exciting phase of growth that I’m looking forward to being a part of. In the coming months, we will look to recruit other suitable people to join the Melbourne team in order to widen the scope of services we can deliver to our clients”, said Joel.


Joel is also the lead driver for the Grange Motorsport team.


A strong audit background developed during his tenure with Nelson Wheeler Chartered Accountants place his abilities well above the standard of services normally provided by real estate agencies.


He has been responsible for the development of marketing strategies for the disposal of commercial, industrial, retail and residential property for private, institutional, governmental and quasi-governmental property owners and administrators. His work has encompassed detailed market analysis, determining comparability of property for valuation analysis, development of due diligence material, interstate legal compliance, agency networking, budget cost accounting practices and project management.


Joel has provided real estate consultative services to a range of corporate and institutional clients including the Liquidator of the Pyramid Group of Building Societies, National Australia Bank and was a Director of Savills National Capital Transactions Team. Joel was also retained by fund managers to secure assets on a National basis.


The management, leasing and administration of a property portfolio exceeding 100,000m2 of commercial, industrial, retail and residential property within the private sector, spanning four years, was the precursor to the consultative role. The portfolio included a number of high profile community shopping centres, industrial subdivisions and commercial office buildings Australia wide.  As the sole responsible party for the administration, his duties included negotiation of lease terms and conditions, calculating and determining rental levels, budgeting and recovery of operating costs.

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