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MMJ Business Sales & Acquisitions work with buyers to remove any barriers to them moving through the buying process. By acting as an informed intermediary we can provide a valuable buffer between the buyer and seller.

Our goal is to make your business easy to buy.

We strive to deliver an uncompromised service to our sellers. Our service starts with advice on how best to prepare your business for sale. We also assist by providing an appraisal for your business that will help you to set an appropriate asking price and work with you to maximise the elements that impact on a favourable sale. We know that selling your business takes time, perseverance and the assistance of a good strong team experienced at managing the sales process.  

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The Jobmaker Incentive

The Jobmaker Incentive

The confusion surrounding the 30th March, 2020 announcement of the economy saving Jobkeeper payment scheme was understandable. This was a ground breaking policy that has assisted 920,000 Australian organisations and 3.5 million individuals to weather the Covid19 storm.