Sales Process

MMJ Business Sales Process

Want to attract the maximum number of buyers?

Want buyers competing over the purchase of your business?

Want to ensure you achieve your businesses best sale price?

The MMJ Business Sales Process has been developed, through the years of experience, to ensure it gets the best result for business sellers and is clear and easy to follow for business buyers. As MMJ are speaking with active buyers everyday, this process ensures your business sale opportunity is in the marketplace and known to a large pool of active buyers.

The process consists of a number of consecutive stages. Each Stage involves meetings, the provision of information, discussion and Q&A and as the buyer moves through the stages, they are moving closer to finalising the purchase of your business, and one step closer to a stronger more prosperous future.


The first step is to appoint MMJ as your Business Sale Agent. MMJ will provide you an appraisal for your business. 

MMJ provide you with guidance on preparing your business for sale, including the provision of this guide “The MMJ Business Sales Process” and will assist your prepare your business for a successful sale.


MMJ prepare a marketing plan for the promotion of your business. Your plan may include:
Newspaper & Magazine Advertising, Online and Website Advertising, Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus), Database Marketing & Direct E-mail Campaigns and Confidential Approaches to potential buyers.


MMJ will professionally prepare a Business Prospectus for the sale of your business. This will help define the business opportunity, assists with the sale and financing for your buyer. Amplify will present your Business Prospectus to qualified prospective buyers.


MMJ manage all the leads that enquire about your business sale. MMJ will work with you to provide a guided visit of your business by the intended buyer.

Sellers and buyers must transition to a position where the deal is a win-win for both parties, facilitated by a ‘Heads of Agreement’. Upon signing a Heads of Agreement and the prospective buyer providing a deposit, MMJ will allow the purchaser to progress to the Investigation stage.


MMJ manage the process with all parties for seamless Due Diligence of your business. During this stage buyers and their advisers are looking to ensure that the business is as described and presented for sale. MMJ work with the seller and buyer to assist in this process.


MMJ provide guidance on the preparation of legal documentation including a Sale of Business Agreement. MMJ work with you to iron out the finer points of your Sale Agreement with the buyer.


As part of your sale you may have post-exchange and post-sale obligations. Your next chapter begins - Celebrate!


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