Large or small real estate agencies – which to choose?

MMJ Blogger | 7 months ago
Large or small real estate agencies – which to choose?

Choosing between small and large agencies in the real estate world isn’t something that can be decided by a coin flip.  Many smaller agencies come with the promise of a personalised approach with more attention to detail. On the other hand, larger agencies like MMJ real estate are more of a ‘blue chip’ option, with broader portfolios, contacts, and marketing reach.

The truth is there is no right answer, though there are some important factors to consider when researching agencies.

The internet has fundamentally changed the way real estate agencies advertise forever. Anyone can log-in and advertise on or, giving smaller agencies an advantage they previously did not have. Smaller agencies can now go toe to toe with larger ones on any property portal, give or take the vendor’s budget.

With this being said, the increased resources behind larger agencies like MMJ can give vendors a competitive edge. Marketing teams devote their time to ensuring that online search results are optimised correctly, photography is perfect, and the widest possible audience is reached.

Large agencies can reach these wider audiences thanks to generally broader databases and networks, as well as increased print media opportunities. Vendors will find their properties in larger, more prominent sections of local papers, as well as in higher quality brochures and pamphlets.

Brand recognition also plays a large part. Companies like MMJ, who have been around for over 50 years, develop reputation over time. This long-standing reputation means their advertisements in the media are often trusted and ingrained in the minds of the public, making property listings much more effective.

With such wide networks and teams, many argue that larger agencies lack the personal touch of their smaller counterparts. Many smaller agencies advertise that they have more specialised, local knowledge, though this isn’t the whole story. The people staffing MMJ’s offices around Australia are locals, too.

Our agents have experience in not only in real estate, but also as members of the local community. An agent’s knowledge and approach comes down to them as an individual, regardless of the agency they work for.

MMJ knows that the most important factor when dealing with a real estate firm, large or small, is the quality and experience of the agent you deal with. With the right training, company culture and sales acumen, a good agent will be professional, prepared, and will negotiate the best deal at the table.

Providing honest, transparent advice and the best possible outcome are the top priorities at MMJ. Your agent will work with you every step of the way to get the most out of everything from conveyancing and valuation through to marketing, photography and settlement.