Why You Should Style Before You Sell

MMJ Real Estate | 6 months ago
Why You Should Style Before You Sell

Never underestimate the importance of first impressions, especially when it comes to selling or leasing your home. Well-presented rooms can turn a property from looking drab and cluttered to modern and homely. The placement of well-chosen furniture can also create the illusion of space, while making an area appear brighter and more inviting. 


View Your Property Objectively

A property stylist will be able to provide you with a fresh perspective. Because they do not have the same emotional attachment towards a home as the owner, they can easily identify which items should be taken out of a room before an inspection takes place. This is a huge advantage of a property stylist because a potential buyer needs to be able to imagine themselves living there and view the property as their home instead of feeling as though it is someone else’s home.


Turn Online Browsing to Enquiries and Offers

Most people go online to find information about a product or service before they commit to anything. This means that if your photos on real estate websites don’t look immaculate you could limit the amount of people who make an offer for your property.



Know the Market

A property stylist also understands what buyers look for and can compare your home to other properties in your suburb to ensure that it looks more attractive than other houses that are on the market. An experienced professional will also know the “type” of people who are looking to buy in your area and if you need to focus your decor towards families, young couples or a different demographics.


Increase Your Marketing Potential

Hiring someone in this industry will also mean that general cleaning and maintenance will be taken care of,  and that your house is spotless before a marketing campaign is launched.  An agent may also have more options for advertising if they are presented with something that looks impressive. For example, being included in an editorial as a feature property, or on the front cover of a real estate magazine. 


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