Jarrod Poort

Jarrod Poort

Commercial Sales and Leasing Associate


Jarrod joined the MMJ team in early 2017, working in commercial sales and leasing.


Over the past years he has been a fulltime professional swimmer who dedicated his time and energy to qualify and earn the honor of competing on the Australian swim team at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Jarrod approached MMJ leading into the 2016 games looking to undertake work experience and gain some balance in his life after recognizing it may be an industry that he could step into and start his life outside of swimming.


He now holds a fulltime position as a Commercial Sales and Leasing Associate, learning and being mentored by some of the leading experts in the commercial, retail and industrial sector.


Jarrod aims to transfer the work ethic that saw him succeed at the highest level of sport into his role here at MMJ.

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