Kristie Beedie

Kristie Beedie

Property Manager

Kristie is a friendly and energetic individual who exudes confidence and demonstrates her excellent communication skills every day to help our team and our clients. She is also excellent at organising, multitasking and managing her time well – all important attributes when it comes to managing your property.

Kristie holds a Certificate of Registration and is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Marketing & Public Relations. Kristie also has rich experience in Customer Service from her years in the Hospitality, Retail and Sales industries.

Looking forward, she aims to further nurture her career in the Real Estate industry. Kristie’s goal is to become well-versed in the field of Property Management, delivering excellent service to Landlords and Tenants alike. She is also committed to using her Marketing Degree to facilitate more engaging initiatives that will best support our agency.

Kristie appreciates the healthy work culture at our Dapto office, where she constantly feels challenged and valued. With her easy-going personality and open-minded attitude, she finds inspiration in her colleagues who love what they do and demonstrate their passion every day.

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