Martin Lo Surdo

Martin Lo Surdo

Business Sales & Acquisitions

Marty has recently joined the MMJ team as a the head of Business Sales & Acquisitions.   

He has a proactive approach with his clients and a record of successfully supporting businesses through their journey.

Marty joined the MMJ team in 2019 when his successful business merged with the MMJ Brand to create a commercial real estate powerhouse in the Illawarra. 

Marty has special expertise in delivery solutions for franchise businesses. He’s gone from winning Australian Apprentice of the Year while growing his butcher shop to using his franchise recruitment stills to grow the Pack & Send franchise network beyond a hundred stores.

Marty has a cool & calm approach to working with clients drawing upon his MBA and decades of business experience, he provides an unparalleled expertise in the industry. 

Marty is passionate about kebabs and perfectly cooked steak as well as growing the Wollongong business community.  He’s a keen supporter of Liverpool in the english premier league and an amateur midfielder in the local league. 

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