7 savvy office storage ideas and solutions

Laura McDiarmid
7 savvy office storage ideas and solutions

Cluttered office? We’ve rounded up neat office storage ideas to give your office essentials their own stylish place.

Making a serene and comfortable workspace will not only help your concentration, but it’ll also make spending time in the space more enjoyable – and it’s easier than you think!

Using your office space smartly is key to a successful and creative work zone. Consider baskets and boxes to keep office essentials out of sight but still within easy reach, cabinets and drawers to give everything its own spot, or open shelving to make the most of vertical storage.

Here, we bring you stylish and affordable home office storage ideas for every workspace.

1. Make the most of drawer storage

When we think about stashing our stuff in the office, cupboards and cabinets are often the first storage solutions that come to mind. But drawers are a storage option often overlooked.

With drawer storage you’ll never have to fossick around in the depths of a cupboard. Want to take it one step further and add drawer dividers? Then you’ll be in organisational heaven.

Drawers are the perfect way to store items that don’t live on the desk but shouldn’t be a catch-all for junk.

Forget those heavy, clunky drawers – make them easy to access and well-organised by updating to an easy-glide roller drawer system with dividers to get the most out of these hidden spaces.

When selecting finishes make sure to pair with the existing surfaces in the room. Wood will add warmth and texture, while metal drawers can add an industrial-chic flair.

Not sure how deep the drawers should be? Test run the desks at your local furniture store to find out the latest options and think about what you need to store.

You might be surprised at how handy having a multi-tiered drawer system will be for all your bits and pieces.

2. Put it on display with open shelving

Open shelving is having a moment so don’t be afraid to keep your inspirations – and greenery – in full view.

Nothing makes a space more Insta-worthy than a beautiful indoor plant with tumbling foliage – you’ll also work better and breathe cleaner with some greenery. Intrigued? Read our article to find the best indoor plants for your office space.

When it comes to office storage solutions, open shelving is an on-trend option for anyone that wants to style office essentials with decorative items. However don’t start stashing all your messy paperwork up here – open shelves should be uncluttered and store inspirational items such as beautiful books and a few beloved knick-knacks.

Open shelves are a chance to embrace textured baskets (more on this later), wooden magazine files and colourful boxes, but only keep the essentials up here. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with clutter.

3. Try baskets for organising

Looking for an affordable office storage hack? With different sizes and shapes available, storage baskets are an easy and stylish way to get your stuff organised (and out of sight).

Depending on the look of the room you can opt for a minimalist grey felt style (pictured) or go for some beachy keen vibes with a gorgeous textured rattan vibe.

Baskets are friendly on the wallet, they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures and can be picked up everywhere from discount stores to high-end furnishing shops – just keep in mind what it is you’ll be storing so you can be sure it’ll fit.

4. Small storage for tight spaces

Working with a workspace that’s on the smaller side? Adequate storage is essential to keep clutter at bay and give the illusion of more space.

Large or bulky storage cabinets will only make the space feel more cramped. Instead, opt for small and flexible solutions like storage cubes and small lockers.

5. Opt for desks with drawer storage

Though the thought of a trestle table to spread out on sounds heavenly for some, desks with drawers will be your best friend when it comes to staying organised, especially in a smaller space.

They not only aid in staying neat but by keeping essentials within easy reach, they’re a great time saver, too. Hello, efficient workspace!

Never fear if you’ve found yourself the perfect desk sans drawers though. An affordable standalone drawer set can be added later and tucked underneath, so they’re within easy reach.

6. Buffets and cabinets for stylish storage

Buffets and cabinets aren’t just for entertaining areas – they’re perfect for office storage, too. And oh-so-stylish. If you’re styling for #officegoals and have a larger area to play with there’s nothing better than a buffet.

Dreamy wooden buffets will add a touch of style and professionalism to any home office and are great for storing extra paperwork, reference materials or office supplies that you don’t need to keep within reach.

7. Use walls for vertical storage

What’s the quickest way to add more space to a small room? That’s right, vertical storage is your best bet for making the most of every centimetre of your room work as hard as you do.

Make the most of your wall space with storage units, bookcases, and shelving. They’re the perfect way to get your office essentials off the floor and your office decor on display.

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