New Ambience, Fairy Meadow

New Ambience, Fairy Meadow

‘New Ambience’ is a mixed use development, the first of its kind in the Fairy Meadow CBD. In its first two weeks 44% of the residential apartments were snapped up and exchanged. The balance of the units were all sold in the following months creating new price highs for the area in a flat market.

The residential sales were so successful that Australia Property Investor magazine listed Fairy Meadow units as the third biggest growth area in NSW for 2011. By using the MMJ Umbrella of Services the developers were able to minimise costs, eliminate wasted time by using a number of different agencies and also maximise returns. Ambience revitalised the Fairy Meadow town centre and started a growth phase for the sleepy regional town centre.

Product Mix

34 Apartments
1,600 sqm  Commercial Offices
4,700 sqm Retail Space

The Team

Developer >  
Agency > MMJ Project Marketing, Wollongong
Architect > 
Builder > Piruse Constructions

MMJ Engagement

Town Planning
Project Marketing
Residential Sales
Commercial Sales
Commercial Leasing
Commercial Management


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