Adrian Necovski

Adrian Necovski

Sales Associate - LREA

Adrian is eager, reliable and extremely hardworking. He has the drive, attention and the willingness to succeed. From the young age of 14, Adrian was already moulding his passion in customer service. Entering the retail industry at such a young age has assisted in forming Adrian’s determined make-up.

Adrian’s attitude towards becoming the best that he can be has been evident in how far he has come in such a short period. With his honest approach, exceptional communication skills and a natural ability to negotiate, real estate was simply a natural transition for him. Boasting a sharp positive view on strategies and participating in creating better ways of providing the best service to clients has been key in Adrian’s development. A team player and a willingness to put in the hard yards will undoubtedly see Adrian exceeding his clients expectations.

“In real estate there are so many variables. Every situation and expectation is different. It is my passion to be there for our clients no matter the circumstance. Continually working with our team to overservice and nurture every client's experience truly makes our team at MMJ South special."

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