Carmen Soon

Carmen Soon

Assistant Property Manager

Carmen Soon is a dedicated Assistant Property Manager in our Melbourne office with four years of experience in the dynamic and ever-evolving real estate industry. With a strong educational foundation and a deep understanding of client interactions, Carmen excels in building lasting relationships, providing top-notch service, and effectively managing properties.

Carmen's journey in the real estate field began with her academic pursuits, earning her a Bachelor of Arts degree from Monash University, a prestigious institution known for its excellence in education. Her passion for understanding human behavior and communication led her to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Psychology at the same university, where she developed a unique perspective that she now applies to her work in property management.

Carmen is a qualified and certified professional, holding an Agent's Representative Certificate. This certification not only demonstrates her commitment to ethical practices and industry standards but also ensures that she is well-versed in the legal and regulatory aspects of the real estate profession.

Throughout her career, Carmen has consistently proven her dedication to excellence. She excels in tenant and landlord relations, leasing and marketing strategies, property maintenance, and financial management. Her ability to balance the needs of property owners with those of tenants while maintaining a keen focus on the bottom line has earned her a reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Carmen's commitment to professional development and her unique blend of academic and practical experience make her a valuable asset to our asset management team. Her passion for real estate, combined with her knowledge of psychology, allows her to connect with clients on a deeper level, ensuring their real estate experience is not only successful but also personally fulfilling.