Based in the Illawarra our Town Planners have built solid and professional relationships with many consultants, Council’s and Agencies throughout NSW, allowing them to provide smooth, convenient, and feasible development processes for our clients.

The development industry and the community as a whole are becoming more active participants in the increasingly complex decision making processes of planning and development.

This is the result of changing legislative requirements over time (both at State and local levels) and the growing knowledge and interest within communities. MMJ offers an expert and experienced Town Planning Division that can assist those in the planning and development industry to achieve their development goals.

Established for almost three decades, MMJ’s Planners understand the requirements and processes of local Councils and other State Agencies, and seek to minimise the unnecessary frustration and time excess that can often be experienced at the ‘front-end’ of development. In this regard, our expert team of planning professionals is well versed to take care of your total property needs.

We accommodate solutions for many local, national and international clients, all of who have come to rely on our services for the right planning advice and development results.

No development is the same.  Our Planners recognise this and offer tailored planning solutions specific to your project.


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Reach out to us to find out more about our services and how we can help you with your planning needs regardless of what phase your development is at.