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MMJ is a leading provider of commercial, industrial and retail real estate services. 

MMJ has a strong track record and significant experience with successes in commercial property sales, leasing and management across its Australian network of offices. 

Our professional commercial team not only draw on their own comprehensive knowledge and judgment, but also on the experience and market intelligence of their colleagues throughout the MMJ Group. We are solutions focused and adept to thinking outside the box to achieve the best possible outcomes.  We have the experience, knowledge and drive to get the best result and, where needed, pro-actively create opportunities that otherwise may not be realised.

We are your partners in property. We aim to develop long term working relationships with our clients and have done so for over 60 years. Our name is synonymous with professional, quality service that gets results. 

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Navigating Commercial Rental Structures: Gross Rent vs. Net Rent

Navigating Commercial Rental Structures: Gross Rent vs. Net Rent

When it comes to leasing commercial properties in Australia, understanding the rental structure is crucial for both landlords and tenants. One of the fundamental decisions to make is whether to opt for Gross Rent or Net Rent. Each has its own intricacies and implications that can significantly impact the bottom line. In this article, we'll explore the differences between these two structures and delve into the nuances of Net Rent, including its collection options.