China to build world’s largest indoor ski resort.

RealCommercial News | 9 months ago
China to build world’s largest indoor ski resort.

China is set to be home to the world’s largest indoor ski resort, with a huge 90,000sqm snow park coming to Shanghai.

The Wintastar Shanghai attraction will become the latest attraction to be built within the Lingang City area, which already has the Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean Park and will soon open the Shanghai Disney Resort.

Wintastar will feature 227,000sqm of floor area across the entire resort, with four themed hotels for visitors.

But the key attraction will unquestionably be the ski area, which will include three ski slopes of varying gradients and difficulties.

One of the runs will be of Olympic standard to facilitate training for elite skiers, while at the other end of the scale there are 25 snowplay attractions for non-skiers.

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