2020 Fun Facts - Property Management - Wollongong

Debby Cramp
2020 Fun Facts - Property Management - Wollongong

What a year it has been for our property management teams across the country. Our Wollongong office took the time to reflect on the year they've had and noted these fun facts about just how productive they've been in what was a year that no one predicted. 

  • January – Started 2020 offering more than 90 years of property management experience to our valued owners and tenants. 

  • February – Introduced Tenant Gift Packs.  An MMJ bag with some essentials including toilet paper, soap, tea, coffee, sugar, Tim Tams and a book about Wollongong given to new tenants after they sign their lease. 

  • March – Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act & Regulations required additional staff training, frequent correspondence going out to owners and amendments to all our procedures and policies. 

  • April – Social distancing requirements led to MMJ being split into two teams, one working in the office while the other team worked from home.  We alternated each week to maintain seamless coverage of our service to our clients. 

  • May – 152 routine inspections conducted all virtually and was the highest amount completed during the year.  

  • June – Amidst the uncertainty of COVID and the industry vacancy rate rising to 3.1% in the Illawarra, MMJ had a vacancy rate of 1.86%. 

  • July – We commenced preparing the rental campaign for investors within the new Signature complex, Wollongong’s tallest building which is due to settle in November. 

  • August – Completed the largest entry condition report totalling 162 pages and included 864 photos. 

  • September – MMJ staff participated in Steptember.  The Property Management team did 1,617,283 steps while raising money to help people living with cerebral palsy to live their best lives. 

  • October - 1013 creditor invoices were processed 

  • November – YTD online activity for rental vacancies totalled 18,278 enquiries, 1,223 inspections (not including virtual inspections) 3,559 tenants inspected, and 2,849 applications received & processed. 

  • December – Time to decorate and be merry with family and friends, reflect on a year like no other before and the hope that 2021 brings new beginnings. 

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