3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Right Now!

Ashley Boland and Information provided by local sales agent Bradley Dryburgh | 5 months ago
3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Right Now!

1 – Opportunity awaits.

With market reports suggesting the market has dropped by an average of 9.5% in Wollongong, which suggests its a fantastic opportunity to enter the market at a fair price.

If you speak to anyone who has done well in the property industry there is consistent advice to capitalise on these softer markets and purchase with future growth in mind.

2 – Up-size now and reap the rewards.

This is the perfect market to up-size.

The decrease in percentage on your current home to the more expensive home you're moving into will actually benefit you.

With any property purchase the home should suit your lifestyle and cater to your day to day needs, however when it becomes financially beneficial it is a huge bonus. If you need a bigger backyard or more bedrooms, now is the perfect time to be on the property hunt!!

3 - It's not all bad news

The media has hyped the current downturn to look worse than it has been.

With the consistent negativity there has been a decrease in buyer confidence. Decreased buyer confidence means less competition in the market.

In any booming market competition from buyers drives prices up. Without it, your chances of securing a property improve and the stress of purchasing your dream home is reduced.