Applying for a rental property online

Tyler Filippi
Applying for a rental property online

Step 1: Viewing the Property online:  

When searching for properties would you normally wait to inspect the property before deciding to apply for it. Yes?    

In some cases, you may come across a property that has only been advertised for 2 days and then the next day it is leased. Why is this?   

This is because MMJ Wollongong now allows prospective tenants to apply online for a property even before it is available for a physical inspection.  

Step 2: Applying for the Property   

With COVID-19 upon us, we changed our processes and now only accept Online Applications via 1form to avoid the handling of Paper applications (unless otherwise agreed upon).   

How do I apply?  

Simple! Just click the “Apply” or “Apply Online” button located within the online advertisement (or you will receive a link to our application forms if you submit an online enquiry). 

Either link will then redirect you to the 1form sign-up page.   

Select an email address that you currently have or that you prefer. You will need to verify this email address as 1form will send you a verification code to the email you have provided.   

Step 3: Being detailed in your Application form.   

This part of the process can be tedious, but once you fill out all areas of the application form, you do not have to repeat the same process every time when applying for other properties, 1form saves all details that you put in! How good is that!   

When completing your application it is very important that you supply the following, if this information is not supplied upfront it can delay your application processing and you risk losing to another applicant. The most important items are: -  

  • Professional References (work and rental). Please also supply their email addresses -this is a MUST as we are required to email them ! 

  • Supporting Documentations (ID, Payslips, Bank Statements, Centrelink Statements etc)  

Providing as much detail in your application can make you stand out from the other applicants and ensures you meet the required criteria.  

We hope you find this information useful however, should you have any issues with submitting your application or have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Leasing Consultant, Tyler Filippi on 4229 5555 or