3 Tips for entering the Commercial Leasing space

Ashley Boland | 10 months ago
3 Tips for entering the Commercial Leasing space

Wollongong Commercial Leasing Specialists, Michael & Nathan talk "Leasing : 101" - jumping into the fundamentals that every landlord and tenant should consider when leasing commercial property.

Tip 1:
In this episode our Commercial Specialists delve into the importance of having realistic time frames and how these influence ones leasing process. Understanding time frames is important as occupying a site can be a long-winded process. 

Tip 2:
They also highlight the importance of knowing your business inside and out. Understanding your business needs vs wants and how this will save you lots of time and money in the establishment phases.

Tip 3:
And lastly they go over budget allocations and how to set realistic financial planning. Keep in mind there may be some unexpected costs that you may not be aware of. 

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