Did you know your inflatable pool could need a compliance certificate?

Letitia Miller
Did you know your inflatable pool could need a compliance certificate?

Summer is well and truly here and you might be thinking about getting an inflatable pool for those hot summer days, well you might have to think again.  

In NSW, the Swimming Pool Act 1992 requires that all rental properties with a swimming pool or a spa must have a valid swimming pool compliance certificate. 

So, what defines a pool under this legislation 

All inground, above ground, indoor, portable and every type of pool and spa that is capable of being filled to a depth of 30cm or used, designed, manufactured or adapted for swimming, wading, paddling or any other human aquatic activity needs to have a compliance certificate.   

There are also fencing laws which must be followed if the pool depth is 30cm or more.   

  • Ensure that pools are surrounded with a child-resistant safety barrier that separates the swimming pool(s) from any residential building and any place adjoining the property 

  • Keep closed the doors and gates that provide access to the swimming pool 

  • Ensure that fences surrounding pools are designed, constructed, installed and maintained to comply with the relevant Australian Standards. 

Owners of a pool or spa may be liable for a penalty of up to $5,500 for non-compliance with the swimming pool safety requirements. 

It is also important you consider all the safety risks involved with getting a portable pool, these being   

  • Young Children can easily drown in small amounts of water  

  • If the pool water is left too long it becomes dirty and un-sanitized which can cause you to get sick.  

  • Some portable pools have electronic filters and pumps and if not used correctly could result in electrocution 

The NSW Swimming pool register has a helpful self-assessment checklist for portable/inflatable pools which can be found below.  

We do not recommend our tenants getting a portable/inflatable pool as the risks are just too high, maybe head down to the beach instead. 

Written by Letitia Miller