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Why you should think about buying or leasing Horsley real estate

Horsley is one of the Illawarra’s most family-friendly suburbs. Nestled under the spectacular bushland backdrop of the Illawarra Escarpment, Horsley real estate has been attracting first home-buyers and established families since the former dairying country was opened up for housing in the late 20th century. Now Horsley is a well-established and popular suburb which regularly has quality houses and properties for sale at realistic prices.

What makes Horsley such a great place to live?

Horsley is a short 10-15 minute drive to central Wollongong and just a few minutes from the bustling commercial centre of Dapto, but the former dairying area is surrounded by farmland to the north, south and west and still evokes a sense of quiet country living.

Family buyers dominate the Horsley real estate market, and it is easy to see why. There is room to move in Horsley, with generously sized blocks and quality homes in quiet streets.

Dapto Public School is located in Horsley in Sierra Drive, while Dapto High School is also close by.

The suburb has excellent recreational facilities including lots of parkland, playing fields and even a skatepark, while nearby Dapto has a heated public Olympic swimming pool and an excellent golf course.

Horsley has a small shopping precinct for convenience items, while Dapto Mall is only minutes away by car.

Horsley real estate is also popular because the suburb has excellent rail and road access for commuters. Nearby Dapto Railway Station is a key regional rail hub, while in recent years Wollongong City Council has spent millions of dollars providing direct access to the Princes Motorway (F6) from Horsley and West Dapto via the Fowlers Rd extension.

No wonder houses for sale in Horsley are generally snapped up when they come on the market.

Horsley Real Estate Stats

Realestate.com provides some useful stats about the Horsley real estate market. So who is calling Horsley home and what can you expect to pay for Horsley real estate?

  • Current median purchase price for a 3 bedroom home in Horsley: $448,000
  • Current median purchase price for a 4-bedroom house in Horsley: $560,000
  • Horsley real estate is in high demand with 696 visits per property listed for sale
  • Who calls Horsley home?
    • Established couples and families (25.7%)
    • Older couples and families (23.4%)
    • Maturing couples and families (19.6%)

Why Should You Invest in Horsley Real Estate?

Purchasing a property in Horsley makes good sense.

Prices, which had been trending steadily upwards for the first half of 2015, have now stabilised. According to realestate.com, there were 42 houses sold in Horsley in October 2015, indicating that there is strong buyer demand for quality homes at realistic prices in this family-orientated area.

Rental demand and income is also strong, with rents for 3 bedroom homes in Horsley averaging $430 per week and rents for 4 bedroom homes averaging $538.

Horsley real estate is characterised by modern, quality homes on generous blocks that match the Australian outdoor lifestyle. With Sydney’s high property prices forcing more families into units, a commuter suburb like Horsley that has excellent access to rail and motorway links to Sydney will become increasingly attractive to home buyers and investors alike.

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