How Marketing Your Property Works

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How Marketing Your Property Works

When choosing to sell your home, proper marketing can be the difference between a good sale and a great sale. The right marketing strategy is key to high exposure, low stress, and the right price. MMJ’s local agents provide all the professional advice, guidance and services you need to maximise exposure and competition for your property. But how is it all done?

The Method
Online property portals generate roughly 70% of the initial property interest, and therefore take priority in terms of budget and marketing efforts. MMJ utilises numerous online property portals to maximise exposure and target the right areas. Using an extensive database, the marketing team ensures that online advertising funds are not only allocated efficiently, but also generate genuine interest.

With this being said, traditional marketing efforts are not forgotten. Print media is regarded as a good avenue for ‘passive’ buyers, who may not necessarily be looking to buy, but will still see the advertisements while browsing the newspaper. Good signage can also pick-up passive buyers driving by, and also helps interested parties find your property for inspection.

MMJ uses professional photographers, graphic designers and copywriters to make sure all of the above methods are as polished as possible. Photography is the first thing buyers will look at when browsing listings, alongside size, location and pricing. Copywriters create further value with engaging descriptions of your listing, then graphic designers bring all of this together for an eye-catching result.

Real estate advertising is all about creating demand. The more people you have at your inspection, the more desirable your home becomes. Well marketed homes tend to sell at a higher price in a shorter period. Once demand has been created, MMJ agents strive to negotiate a good deal in the most transparent, honest way possible.

So How is Real Estate Advertising Paid for?
MMJ recommends listing with Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) for several reasons. VPA means that the vendor pays for marketing costs separately to all agency fees. The alternative is Agent Paid Advertising, where the agent will wear the cost of marketing, often at a higher commission rate.

While it may seem like VPA is the more expensive option at first, long-term results show that it is a better option overall. It gives the vendor total control over marketing decisions, and a larger cut of the total sale price. MMJ can provide the services to create maximum demand and negotiating power at the table, along with advice and feedback on all marketing activity.

VPA ensures great performance when compared to APA. With APA, agents work for a higher commission to cover marketing costs, or offer a “no sale, no marketing charge” type deal. Often this means agents will minimise marketing costs to better their bottom line, and you can be left in the dark as to how much exposure your property is actually receiving. It can be argued that agents who use APA want to make their marketing costs back as soon as possible. This can mean they are more interested in a flat sale than fighting for the best price.

MMJ’s confidence in the integrity, honesty and professionalism of their agents makes VPA an easy choice across the board. MMJ Agents can provide a free market appraisal, using their expertise to give you an honest figure, not just an inflated price. MMJ is one of the most well-known and successful agencies in the region for a reason. A quick look at some of our previous listings on Real Estate World shows how your next listing with MMJ could look.