How much notice should I be given for an inspection?

Laura McDiarmid
How much notice should I be given for an inspection?

“As a tenant in NSW, how much notice should my property manager give me before a routine inspection? I received a letter two weeks before the event but feel like I should have been given a little extra warning.” Tenant, NSW

We asked MMJ Real Estate Dapto Property Manager Laura McDiarmid for her advice.

“You are required to be given a minimum of 7 days’ notice to complete a routine inspection under the Residential Tenancy Act,” Laura said.

“As a best practice, we do try and give you as much notice as possible to ensure you are fully prepared for the inspection. A routine inspection’s main purpose is to check the following:”

  • “If you have any concerns or repairs the property.
  • To identify any maintenance at the property and if any major works are required in the near future to protect the property and make sure it remains in good order.
  • To make sure that both the landlord and the tenant are complying with their responsibilities in relation to the lease; and
  • It’s the perfect opportunity to just check in and say hi, make sure you are happy to still live in the property and if we can assist you with anything.”