7 tips on getting your bond back quickly.

Anne-Marie Bergman
7 tips on getting your bond back quickly.

Everyone likes to get their bond back quickly when they vacate a property and it can easily be done. Often agents are required to send tenants back to re-clean and finalise items upon vacating which can cause delays. To avoid these unnecessary trips to the property and save you time, we've prepared 7 tips to ensure you get your bond back quickly.



We highly recommend having professional cleaners attend, this is what they do, and they are good at it! They remember all the spots we mere humans tend to forget, and do not forget to always request a receipt. This includes carpets too.



If you would prefer to do it yourself, please use the checklist provided by your agency if they do not give you one feel free to ask for one. This will help you to remember the things such as window tracks, tops of wardrobes, top of the rangehood, light fittings, tops of power points that you may not often think about or necessarily see.



Use the right product for the job and make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. Cleaning ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will even if you are a clean person. Many people find doing one room at a time and closing each door when you are done is a good way to feel like you are getting closer to the finish line.



If pets have been at the property you will also need to have any carpets cleaned and a pet fumigation done (flea spray). This will need to be done by a professional and a receipt provided to your agent.



Lawns and gardens that you are responsible for will also need to be weeded and mown with edges done also. Do not forget to wash down the exterior of the house too and under the eaves etc where dirt, dust or cobwebs have formed.



Make good on any damage that may have been caused during your time at the property and ensure this is done prior to vacating. Call your agent if you are unsure about what you may be responsible for having repaired.



If you have the time go back the next day to check how it looks with fresh eyes, use your checklist, and your condition report from when you moved in to check each item off, this is what your agent will use when it comes to releasing the bond.


Agents want this process to go as smooth as you so if in doubt don’t hesitate to contact your agent prior and we encourage tenants to be present at the final inspection so any minor issues can be resolved that same day.

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