How to sell in a changing market.

How to sell in a changing market.

With the prices in the residential market calming down in the major capitals and most regional areas how do you sell in an easing market? How do you still get top dollar? Or do you sit and wait?

Here's our top tips for getting the most out of this year's changing market.

Do your research and get to know what is going on in your local market right now.

Find out out many houses are on the market in your suburb, if a large portion are on the market and you don't need to sell, it might be best to sit back and wait.

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Consider market demand.

This can sometimes be hard to determine and is where a good agent can advise on the demand in your local market right now. Another way is to attend open houses in the area and gauge the interest by the number of people who attend. Also compare how many properties have sold in your area compared to 6 months ago.

Find out what the demand is in your local market.

Presentation is the key.

No matter what market you are selling in one of the most important things you can do is to make sure everything is perfect. Impeccable presentation will win out every time. 

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