Insights From A Childcare Business Buyer

Insights From A Childcare Business Buyer

We met with business owner Daniela Silicato, a seasoned early childhood education professional who has achieved a significant milestone with her second acquisition of a childcare centre. Daniela recently purchased a childcare centre with MMJ Business Sales & Acquisitions in the Illawarra region, this marks her second childcare centre in operation as of 2024, in addition to her existing centre ‘Milieu’ located in Condell Park. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Daniela's impact on the Oak Flats centre and look forward to celebrating her future achievements.

Experience and Business Ownership

Business Duration

How long have you been a business owner?

I have owned my own business for 2 years, I have been in the childcare industry for 11 years ( started when i was only 17 ).

Significant milestones during your ownership?

One significant milestone during my ownership would be opening my second service in Oak Flats, this was a great achievement of mine!


Ownership Experience

What inspired you to become a business owner?

To pursue my passion in early childhood and create a premium learning environment for children.

How has your experience as a business owner shaped your professional growth?

Investing in my personal and professional growth has shown helped me further develop my commitment to learning and development. One of the main areas this has shaped is being able to encourage and inspire my team members to also engage in continued education, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.


Enjoyment of the Process

Can you describe what you enjoy most about the process of owning your business?

Being able to share special moments with children and families as well as being a strong, young mentor for my team.

Are there specific aspects of business ownership that you find particularly fulfilling?

When families, children and educators are happy this would be the most satisfying and fulfilling, especially when a child doesn't want to go home!

Future Plans and Challenges

Business Growth

What are your plans for business growth in the next 12-24 months?

Future plans involve, opening another business within the next 12/24 months (5 in 5 Years is the ultimate goal).


Initial Challenges

As a new business owner, what are some of the initial challenges you've encountered?

Some challenges can include, finding the fit for my business which includes finding the right educators and team members.

How have you been learning from these early challenges?

Networking and speaking with other people in the industry, ensuring staff satisfaction and working on continuous staff training.


Adaptation to Change

How do you anticipate adapting to changes in the market or industry as a new business owner?

Keeping up to date with the changes in society and environments.

Strategies you have in place to navigate uncertainties and evolving trends?

Stay Calm, Research, Learn, Adapt