Making that 'spring clean' less daunting.

Leonie Ryall
Making that 'spring clean' less daunting.

Whether you are carrying out a spring clean of your house, or a deep clean prior to vacating, these handy tips are sure to help and make the job less daunting than it really is.   

Make a schedule/ Create a Checklist 

Which rooms require what doing and the cleaning items required to carry the tasks out.  What are the tasks you have been putting off during your regular cleaning, and tackle these first?  Place your cleaning items required in the room ready.  Only tackle one room at a time. 


Clean one space (room) at a time 

Tackling one room at a time is the most effective way to spring/deep clean your home. You will feel more accomplished knowing that entire rooms are completed. 


Organise & De-clutter 

Spend the time going through your clothes, or any unwanted items donating as many as possible.  There are usually clothing donation bins located at your local shopping centres, that are a great (free) place to donate to those less fortunate. 


Top to Bottom 

Start at the very highest point of the room, the ceiling, and work your way down.  This way, all dust and debris will settle on the floor, and you are not having to re-clean items.  Do not forget your light fitting and the windows too. 


Organise that Junk Drawer 

We all have that one space, that seems to accumulate all those odd and ends.  Take the time to remove ALL the items, toss or relocate the items you no longer need, use or want, and then organise the rest.  Using old small bowls or bottles will assist with organising the items 


Door Mats 

Do not forget to clean these too, they trap more dirt and allergens than you realise 


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