MMJ Wollongong Redirects Valuation Department

MMJ Wollongong Redirects Valuation Department

After 35 years of continued Valuation Services, MMJ Wollongong’s Valuation Department is to redirect its expertise and personnel away from traditional valuation work.

It is considered the current climate presents a great opportunity to redirect our acknowledged and expertise into areas that, we believe, better ‘value add’ to the interests of our clients. In a time of great economic uncertainty, quality insight, advice and guidance have never been more important.

MMJ have a very proud and successful history of over 60 years in real estate services. One of the features of being successful over such a long period of time is to continually evolve, to adjust with the times, and to adapt to better serve our clients. 

Our growth and strength are hand-in-hand with our clients. MMJ’s diversity, market leading position and highest quality staff are the envy of our competitors.

This latest decision is taken to ensure we remain at the forefront of ‘value add’ for our clients. We are now best placed to do exactly that, with the dedicated ability to deliver:

  • Detailed Research and analysis
  • Development Feasibility
  • Market Commentary and insight
  • Tenant representation
  • Strategic Property advice and board presentations
  • Property transaction due diligence and advisory support
  • Highest and best land use studies
  • Opportunity targeting, identification and evaluation
  • Asset divestment

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of your property needs or property portfolio repositioning. 

Contact Rob Aubin for more information.

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