Money can’t buy style: What to consider when you’re styling on a budget.

Money can’t buy style: What to consider when you’re styling on a budget.

We’re all familiar with the adage “money can’t buy style”, and more than likely you’ve seen the evidence at any televised red carpet shindig. Well, it’s just as true for renovations as it is for fashion. There are times when a incredibly expensive renovation can look disastrous, and a cheaper renovation can look fantastic.

Because it’s not about how much you spend on your renovations; it’s about how you pull each facet and feature of the renovation together.

A common mistake made by renovators is to choose individual products and materials that they like which, when put together, do not form a cohesive look.

It’s no good buying the best tapware, for example, if that particular style of tapware looks completely out of place in your kitchen or bathroom.  If you don’t know how to pull all the elements of your design together, it won’t matter if your tapware is top of the range, it will still look awful.

On the other side of the coin, if you do manage to get the combination of products, materials and design right, even if you’re using cheaper materials, your renovation can look a million dollars.

Design principles

When renovating, the finished whole is just as important as each component of the design, so it’s essential to carefully consider every product or material you use.

For example, look the type of tiles you want to use, the shape of the tiles, the type of floorboards, what direction the floorboards will run, the finish of your cabinetry, the colour and style of your entry, the style and materials for tapware, and even the type of letterbox numbers you intend using.

Think about the colours you want to use, the shapes of the products, the finishes, how they’re set out, the layout of each room individually, the layout of the entire house, and how each of these factors will work together.

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It’s no good spending a fortune on some items if they are not going to suit your property.

Every little thing is another layer that will affect the overall result. Get one or two of those layers wrong, and your renovation can be ruined.

Budget according to the value of your property

It’s not the cost of items; it’s how they are pulled together – that is what will determine whether your renovation ends up looking great or mediocre.

It’s no good spending a fortune on some items if they’re not going to suit your property. A beautiful, ornate bathroom is not necessarily going to suit a small cottage or one-bedroom unit.

Budget and buy according to your property’s value, ensure you use the right materials for the job in the right combination, and pull everything together in the right way.