Safe Work Australia guidelines for returning to work

Erin Byfield | 14 days ago
Safe Work Australia guidelines for returning to work

As lockdowns ease across the country, Safe Work Australia have issued guidelines for physical distancing within the workplace. The full article can be found here:

Summary points are as follows:

  • Physical distancing is set as four square metres of space per person in the workplace;
  • This means a distance of 1.5 metres apart for each employee/workstation;
  • To achieve this you may wish to consider staggering employee start times, continue work from home arrangements where appropriate or splitting shifts to limit the number of people in the workplace at the same time;
  • Put up signage and floor markings as a reminder of the distance measures;
  • Reconsider the layout of the workspace;
  • Gatherings, meetings and training should only be held in person if essential, otherwise online programs should be utilised;
  • The 4sqm rule does not apply for lifts, however physical distancing should be followed as best as possible;
  • Minimise deliveries and visitors to the workplace;
  • Workers to be trained in the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • If employees need to travel in vehicles together, it should be limited to two people per 5 seater car;
  • Physical distancing needs to be maintained during employee breaks; and
  • Staff must not come into work if they are unwell.

In buildings with common areas, MMJ Real Estate are taking steps to implement the Safe Work recommendations. 

We encourage everyone to review the guidelines and implement within your workplace where possible to ensure the ongoing safety of your employees and visitors and to help us #stopthespread