Saving Jobs: One Of the Consequences of a Very Tight Industrial Market

Saving Jobs: One Of the Consequences of a Very Tight Industrial Market

In the dynamic world of business, change is ever-constant, especially for the current strong Industrial market. For Southern Trucks, a respected local enterprise with over 20 years of operation and more than 50 dedicated staff members, this change came in the form of an unexpected notice to vacate their long-held property. 

The sheer lack of alternative premises meant that, through no fault of their own, Southern Trucks faced a genuine threat of shutting down, putting over 50 jobs on the line. Finding a new location that met their needs proved daunting, with time of the essence, and significant pressure to ensure continued operations without major downtime. 

Thankfully, MMJ Wollongong’s commercial leasing team, quite literally came to the rescue. In such a tight market, and under strict time constraints, MMJ had to go above and beyond, leveraging their vast market knowledge and extensive network to source alternate premises. The task was more than securing a deal for a lease fee, it was about saving 50 jobs and ensuring the survival of a successful business.  

In a fortunate matter, suitable premises were found at ‘Warrawong Business Park’. “Whilst it was far from straightforward, we were able to make it happen, and happen quickly! They seriously had no time to waste” explained Michael Croghan, Director of Commercial Leasing.  

“We are passionate advocates for business in our region, so it is a proud moment to see that our proactive assistance enabled a business like Southern Trucks to survive”. 

“This is a real-world consequence of a tight industrial market. Market conditions like these haven’t been seen before in the Illawarra, so businesses/tenants need to take note. On the flip side, landlords and agents have a moral duty to be as reasonable in their dealings to avoid business closures”. Croghan adds.  

MMJ Wollongong wishes continued success for the Southern Trucks team every success in their new premises.