Selling during the summer holidays

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Selling during the summer holidays

Many might think that property buyers switch off over the summer holidays choosing instead to spend time with friends and family, however, past experience tells us, this is not always the case. 

Buyers are a motivated bunch, sometimes signing contracts at the 11th hour on Christmas Eve. However, if you list your home once the holidays kick off, you do risk missing out on some ‘eyeballs’.

Roads are quieter, meaning fewer people will pass the ‘For Sale’ sign outside your home. To add to this, If you hold an auction during January some people may miss out on bidding because they are out of town.

On the other hand,  you could draw out of town & interstate visitors in summer. Listing your property for sale may give you the chance to attract a buyer with a generous budget who is looking to enter the area.

What’s more, because listing numbers traditionally drop over the summer holidays, if you do need to sell, you can to do so without being up against a great deal of competition. Your home will stand out as one of few which are available, and buyers who just missed out on properties before Christmas could flock to your door.

The summer holidays are also the perfect time to showcase the 'great Australian dream' of owning your own home, especially if you live in a coastal area or have a spectacular outdoor entertaining area or pool to show off. 

As a buyer, summer can actually be a pretty good time to search for property, given that some of your competition may instead be at the beach…for sellers, be encouraged by the fact that you will still get serious buyers during summer.

Online search data shows that January and February are both very active months for home searches on real estate portals so savvy sellers could attract more attention to their property during this period.

As you can see, there are many advantages to selling your home over late December and January. Speak to your local MMJ Real Estate agent and they will advise you of  an effective strategy you can use to suit your goals.


Our top tips for selling in the summer holidays //

  1. Showcase the outdoor entertainment areas
  2. Make sure the gardens are in tip-top shape
  3. Take advantage of all the natural light
  4. Keep it cool, no one likes inspecting a property in the heat


If you're thinking about selling or getting your property ready for the market this summer request a market appraisal and we'll speak to you about the best way forward.