Taking the Emotion out of Selecting Your Tenant

Leonie Ryall
Taking the Emotion out of Selecting Your Tenant

When your property is vacant and its time to select your tenant from the applications received, this can sometimes become overwhelming as well as an overload of information.  You may have a specific criteria that you want the applicant to meet, in order for them to become the tenant, however when imposing criteria to the application process, this limits the possible applications and runs the risk of missing out on a really good tenant.

Don’t listen to or be caught up in stereotypes, as these can sometimes be incorrect.  Try not to base your decision on prior experiences, one bad experience with someone, doesn’t mean it will happy again.  Remember that that applicant that has the pet or the young child, is already showing that they can be held responsible for something other than themselves.  Pets and children don’t necessarily mean damage to your property. 

When selecting a tenant, you are best to base your decision on the facts of the applications, their income, their previous rental history references, listen to the advice of your managing agent, they certainly don’t want to be putting just anyone into your property. 

The best approach to selecting your tenant, would be to take the emotion out of the decision, view it as a business transaction, take all the facts of the application into consideration, and finally trust your agent, they too want to find the person that best fits your property, as they too want a hassell free tenancy for all parties involved.

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