"The Globe": A Visionary Mixed-Use Project Set to Transform Wollongong's Heart

Luke Rollinson and Town Planning
"The Globe": A Visionary Mixed-Use Project Set to Transform Wollongong's Heart

MMJ Town Planning & Advisory, ADM Architects, and Jackson Teece, in partnership with The Globe consortium, are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary redevelopment project that is set to reshape the heart of Wollongong's Crown Street Mall and Globe Lane. Aptly named "The Globe," this visionary mixed-use development marks a monumental stride in enhancing the vitality of the Wollongong CBD.

Luke Rollinson, Director of MMJ Town Planning & Advisory, couldn't contain his excitement as he shared his vision for "The Globe" and its potential transformative impact on Wollongong. He stated, "Wollongong has been longing for a revitalization project of this magnitude, and 'The Globe' is poised to exceed all expectations. This multi-storey masterpiece will not only elevate the aesthetics of our city centre but also invigorate the local economy and create countless opportunities for our community."

At a glance, here are some key details about "The Globe":

  • The Site: The site spans approximately 5400 square meters across 2 city blocks bordered by Crown Street Mall, Church Street, and Burelli Street, offering flexible space for a dynamic mixed-use development. It is located at the beating heart of the Wollongong City Centre, bisected by Globe Lane and bordered by Globe Way.
  • The Concept: A Master Plan was developed for The Globe to inform the work to be undertaken and to gain feedback from stakeholders and interest groups in a manner that supports the aims and objectives of the project in co-ordination with the opportunities and constraints of the site and the planning controls applicable. The Globe redevelopment promotes three focus areas for revitalisation, being: Connection, Social Engagement, and Sustainability. It has resulted in a project that will include over 28,700 square metres of floor space, offering a diverse range of land uses conducive to a City Centre environment.
  •  Diverse Spaces: "The Globe" will encompass three distinct buildings, each designed to serve a unique purpose. These include a 6-story club/hotel building, an 8-story office building with over 8300 square meters of floor space, and a towering 15-story 5-star hotel.
  • Parking: The project boasts six levels of basement parking, providing an impressive 567 car spaces for visitors and patrons.
  • Urban Design: ‘Design Excellence’ has been the cornerstone of the new design process for ADM Architects and Jackson Teece, and has been achieved through a rigorous design development process in collaboration with a team of specialist consultants. The development has been carefully designed to consider the urban interfaces, building mass and scale, solar access, view corridors, pedestrian and vehicle connectivity to the public domain, and aims to improve the quality and amenity of the public domain. Importantly, the proposal is consistent with the anticipated built form of the Wollongong City Centre.
  • City Diggers: The current Diggers Club will be demolished to make way for the new club and hotel above, comprising 114 rooms. This motel will be operated by the Wollongong Golf Club, building upon the success of the current accommodation offering at the Golf Club, where demand often exceeds availability, making it difficult for visitors to find convenient accommodation in the city. City Diggers, a respected and community-focused organization with a long-standing presence in Wollongong, plays a pivotal role in the realisation of "The Globe." Their commitment to the project is rooted in a shared vision of enhancing Wollongong's vibrancy and opportunities. Importantly, Wollongong Golf Club remains steadfast in their commitment to the existing Diggers club, in accordance with the original amalgamation agreement, until at least November 2025. Their vision is to maintain a reborn Diggers Club in the CBD for the next 40 years. Members of the amalgamated clubs have expressed overwhelming support for the plan and the benefits it will bring to the club in the future, through a formal vote held on 21/9/23.
  • Hospitality and Accommodation: The development will feature a total of 350 hotel rooms/suites, alongside an array of hospitality and retail amenities that will cater to the diverse needs of the community. The street level uses have been designed to accommodate a range of food and beverage premises, from cafes and restaurants, through to small bars. The hotel includes a rooftop pool and bar, known as ‘Sky Bar’, which will be publicly accessible and capture the amazing views of the coastline.
  • Public Amenity Upgrades: "The Globe" is not just a development; it's a commitment to community enhancement and tourism activation. The project includes extensive refurbishments and upgrades to Globe Lane and Globe Way, fostering a welcoming environment for all. Additionally, a new publicly accessible laneway will be created through the development, connecting Crown Street Mall and Globe Way. Public amenity embellishment is a major part of the proposed development, as it seeks to engage, celebrate and expand the existing laneway culture.
  • Connecting with Country: Indigenous Consultancy FCAD and the Project Team have actively listened to Traditional knowledge holders, stakeholders, and local voices throughout the conceptual stage of the development process. This approach aimed to ensure that the Aboriginal voice is respected and reflected throughout the project. Walking the site and engaging in yarning sessions were considered effective methods of gathering diverse perspectives and incorporating them into the development. By involving multiple voices, including Traditional knowledge holders, it is believed the project could benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the cultural significance and values associated with the land. Through this process, a range of strategies and initiatives have been developed from this consultative process, which include opportunities for incorporating local indigenous art and symbols, language and signage, and wayfinding, integrating endemic planting species, sustainable materials, employment creation, youth skills development, and training opportunities into the project. By incorporating these elements into the site design, the project can create a multi-layered experience that celebrates the local Indigenous culture, highlights the significance of endemic species and traditional uses, shares meaningful narratives, and provides interactive and informative elements for visitors.
  • Economic Impact: With an estimated construction cost of $230 million, "The Globe" is set to be a job creator and a significant contributor to Wollongong's economy. Approximately 1,171 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs are projected to be generated and supported, with 472 FTE jobs directly stemming from the project. Moreover, it is expected to generate an annual visitor expenditure of $30 million, with $15 million being attributed to retail spending.


Wollongong has become a melting pot of multiculturalism, and is truly a Global city. A continuing fusion of people and cultures from around the Globe. As a result, The Globe Precinct seeks to pay homage to the history of migrants who have built Wollongong over generations from all over the Globe. The Globe buildings will be branded as – ‘Globe Play’ (The Club building). ‘Globe Work’ (Commercial building), and Globe Stay (5 Star Hotel on Crown).In relation to the commitment to rebuild City Diggers, Leigh Hingston - CEO of Wollongong Golf Club says – “We are excited to be part of such an innovative development that will change the face of Wollongong’s CBD and reinvigorate our city.  Wollongong Golf Club amalgamated with City Diggers in November 2020 with the long-term vision of operating two successful, member owned clubs in Wollongong, and The Globe project helps us realise a strong and vibrant future for our clubs. We consulted with our members in the months prior to our General Meeting where our participation in the project was put to the vote.  196 members attended the evening on 21st September, and I am pleased to say the vote passed with an overwhelming majority support. We look forward to continue working with MMJ Town Planning & Advisory, ADM Architects, and Jackson Teece, and The Globe consortium to bring this new precinct to life”.


With regards to the tourism opportunity being presented, Luke Rollinson adds – “With 'The Globe' project, we are excited to bring a game-changing solution to Wollongong's tourism landscape. The addition of 350 quality tourist accommodation rooms is a significant leap forward for our city. Wollongong has long been a destination with untapped potential, and the lack of sufficient, quality accommodation has been a limiting factor. 'The Globe' will bridge this gap in supply, offering tourists and visitors a world-class stay right in the heart of the city. This development isn't just about adding rooms; it's about transforming the tourism experience, providing comfort, convenience, and memorable stays that will keep travellers returning to Wollongong. 'The Globe' will be a beacon for tourists, setting a new standard for hospitality in our city, and we are thrilled to contribute to its growth and reputation as a must-visit destination

The lead Architect on this project is Angelo Di Martino of ADM Architects, has expressed his passion for design quality and architectural excellence that "The Globe" project aims to deliver – “In designing 'The Globe,' our team at ADM Architects (in conjunction with Jackson Teece) has embarked on a journey to redefine the urban landscape of Wollongong. This landmark location has allowed us to push the boundaries of architectural innovation, merging form and function to create an iconic masterpiece that will stand the test of time. 'The Globe' is not merely a structure; it's a symphony of design excellence, weaving together the past, present, and future of Wollongong. With every detail, we've sought to capture the essence of this vibrant city, while embracing the promise of its bright tomorrow. 'The Globe' is a testament to our dedication to architectural ingenuity, and we can't wait to see our vision come to life in the heart of Wollongong."


After an extensive 12-month consultation with the Council and key community stakeholders, the project is in the final stages of DA submission in the coming weeks. The team is committed to working closely with all stakeholders to ensure the seamless realisation of this groundbreaking project.

As Wollongong anticipates the dawn of a new era with "The Globe," Luke Rollinson emphasized, "This key City Centre urban renewal project represents more than just bricks and mortar; it represents a brighter future for our city and its people. 'The Globe' is a testament to our client's commitment to Wollongong's growth and prosperity."


For media inquiries, please contact:

Luke Rollinson Director, MMJ Town Planning & Advisory

Email: luke.rollinson@mmj.com.au   Phone: 0414 965 984


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