When is the best time of year to sell?

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When is the best time of year to sell?

Springtime is flagged as the prime real estate selling season, but opportunities exist in all markets provided your agent knows how to position your property effectively.

Other factors such as economic and market conditions as well as your own personal situation will also always play an important role in timing your sale.


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During winter, buyers have a good chance to see how a property is impacted by heavy wind, rain, and other wintry mixes. It’s also easier for them to get an idea of how much a home may cost to heat during the winter. During winter, buyers generally have more time to research and take note of other potential inconveniences that they wouldn’t spot in the spring.



Springtime see the property market warm up like clockwork each year.   Buyers benefit from a wider range of properties than in  winter, while sellers benefit from higher turnouts at open for inspections and stronger buyer competition.   The downside is that the market can quickly get flooded, with stiff competition that can affect prices.



Warm days filled with sunshine and school holidays make summer one of the top seasons for selling. It carries with it a number of advantages for attracting buyers, particularly those with children.   Buyer activity is generally higher during this period and some buyers could even find themselves some strong competition more often than they would at other times of year.



Autumn may provide an ideal opportunity for sellers.   As the buying frenzy of summer dies down, you have the advantage of the lingering sunshine and buyers who are potentially ready to move.  Buyers may wish to purchase prior to the slower winter market so autumn presents a good opportunity for both home sellers and buyers. 


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